A Study of the Church: The People of God in Context – Day 31

The calling – the church – Day 31 –
(the church = the people of God / followers of Jesus Christ)

Just as I began to write this morning
word came seeking
“Aunt Susie” –

the cry so deep
the pain profound.

My nieces.

Their mom suddenly gone.
“Aunt Susie, come; please come.”

Death is jarring.
Grief is jarring over and over again.

The wounded healer is sought;
the comforting aunt is sought;
God is sought.

I will go.

“Speak to their pain,” I say to self.
“Speak hope into their pain.”
“Speak of the legacy of love from their mom to them,
and challenge them to live out love,” I say to self.


Rev. Susan Carter Wiggins