AMPlify 2020-21 Registration

  • Welcome

    We are very excited about AMPlify! This program: is an inclusive music instruction program for all ages and all abilities; uses the Orff approach to introduce students to rhythm, melody, and improvisation; allows its students to amplify their hearts, voices, and witness for the glory of God!
  • Participant Information:

  • Parent/Guardian Information:

  • Participant Characteristics

    Please answer the following questions as straight-forwardly as possible. All students are welcome at GPC – we simply wish to be the best prepared we can be.
  • Photo Release

    I agree to let my student be photographed and/or videotaped during the activities of Wacky Wednesday. I understand that pictures or recordings may be used for personal use, development of Germantown Presbyterian Church – Wacky Wednesday slideshows, training purposes, and/or to help with the promotion and/or fundraising.
  • Liability Release

    In recognition of the possible danger connected with any physical activity of the participant, I hereby knowingly and voluntarily waive any right or cause of action of any kind whatsoever arising as the result of such activity for which any liability may or could accrue to Germantown Presbyterian Church, sponsors, agents, employees, volunteers, or instructors.
  • Emergency Authorization and Pick Up/Drop Off Contacts

    The following persons are to be contacted in the event of an emergency and if the parent or guardian cannot be reached during the camp. In addition, the following people, only, are authorized to pick up the participant(s) listed above. Proper photo identification is required at time of pick up.
  • Medical Information

  • In the event of an emergency, your child will be transported to the nearest hospital.