Our annual Commitment Sunday is November 22. As you know, GPC relies on the faithful and loving support of our members to meet our annual ministry budget. In twenty-five years of ministry, I cannot remember a more challenging environment in which to appeal to people’s generosity. There is so much economic uncertainty regarding the next year for all of us, and uncertainty naturally causes us to be cautious.

I am so aware of the hardships many of our members are facing from lost jobs to diminished pay. With the virus surging right now, no one knows if we are headed for more financial instability and hardship before things eventually get better at some point in 2021 (we assume).

How are we responding as a church? Your Stewardship Leadership Team, along with Fred Turverey, is scrutinizing every line item of our budget, including every cost, all unique expenses, and each staff salary. The Stewardship Team is looking to create as lean a church budget for next year as possible. Your generosity will be matched by their diligence as they account for every dollar that is given to the church by its generous members.

Thank you, in advance, for supporting the church to the best of your ability for the year of 2021. I know it may be hard for some, but I also know that God will reward everyone’s generous hearts and prayerful giving. You will receive a pledge card in the mail soon, and thank you, in advance, for considering your support of GPC as together we navigate these choppy waters over the next several months.

Grace, Mercy, and Peace in Christ,