Evening Worship Spotlight: Becca Cox

This fall we will be spotlighting an Evening Worship musician each month. It is a group that is driven to music by their faith and enjoy the chance to honor God through their talents.

This month, we are featuring Becca Cox, who has contributed to the Evening Worship through vocals and guitar for almost two years now. Pastor Mike Lyle sat down with Becca to learn more about her life outside of worship, faith story, and how music inspires her.

Becca came to the Lord at the age of nine and found community in her church early in life. She joined her church’s youth worship team and began singing regularly at 14 and was leading the team by 16. She grew up in Henderson, TN and moved to Memphis at the age of 18. She interned at a church while attending school and is now the main morning worship leader at One City Church.

Music brings her joy when combining her personal worship with the Lord and worshiping with others. It creates a pathway to intimacy with God.

As a worship leader, knowing the music and lyrics leads to a higher level of worship. She is able to focus on God and avoid the distractions of the fundamentals.

We are thankful for her dedication to the Evening Worship experience and glad to learn a little more about her life.

To hear it in her own words, click here to see Becca’s entire interview with Pastor Mike.