Focus on GPC Kids

A quick sitdown with Blair Hayes, Director of GPC Kids

You are starting to get organized for your second GPC Kids VBS. Is it any easier in your second go around? What sort of activities do you have planned?

Yes, in some ways it is a little easier since I have everything organized in the way that works best for me. We have great activities planned for this year with the theme being Twists and Turns (games and fun). A couple activities that I can share are a fun amazing race night and missions’ night for our families’ activities. 

Are you finding that the evening schedule is bringing in more families?

Yes, the evening schedule brings more families together for family time and fellowship with others. I’ve always been taught that the greatest mission field is your home which is also why we have a family component for VBS. We want our families to grow together in their walk with Jesus and each other.

What previous experiences have helped you the most in handling the challenges of this position?

I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home. Going to church and doing a Bible study was a huge growth experience for me. I was able to see and learn what it meant to truly have a relationship with Jesus and what it can and should look like. My degree is in Child Development.  I truly believe that I have a gift to work with kids and help them grow in their faith. I remember growing up always attending VBS and then getting the opportunity to volunteer at VBS was always so much fun and rewarding. Then when I was in college, I volunteered with high school ministry for about seven years. Making connections with those students helped us both grow in our faith. I still have many of those relationships today and that is why I do what I do today. 

Yes, there are always challenges within any job, but it’s how we respond to those challenges and taking the time to spend in prayer helps us in any situation that comes our way. At times this can be very difficult because we want everything to go smoothly all the time. But Jesus gives us the good and the bad so that we must always lean on him through prayer and how we treat others. He wants us to see others how he sees them, and we must always remember this when challenges do get tough. But I am very blessed to be in this position and pray that we can continue to grow the ministry and make families feel wanted and loved.

What hopes do you have for the remainder of 2023 and 2024 in terms of personal growth and GPC Kids growth?

My hope is that we can continue to grow our ministry with innovative ideas and creativity with things that bring excitement and joy that welcome everyone no matter what background they come from. Plan to see some updated changes and events coming your way soon.