Why Give?


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The staff’s purpose is to help the congregation succeed in their mission and ministry to God, the church and the community.

Pastoral staff consists of pastors that enable church members to thrive in their own ministries in their homes and in the world.

“Being able to commit full-time to ministry helps me to dive not only into the study and preparation involved in ministry but also into the lives of everyone in the congregation through prayer, pastoral care, and outreach.”

-Jay Howell, Associate Pastor

Support staff cares administratively for the church as well as helping with community and charitable outreach programs needed for missions. Music, Children and Youth directors serve the congregation by providing specific education to selected groups in the church.

“I wanted to work at church because I can help give (people in the congregation) tools to be the best they can be through God.”

– Carolyn Mason, Organist

By leading and serving, the staff’s vocation is to assist people in their walk with God. Click here to read more about the staff.

Germantown Presbyterian Church’s beautiful campus is the backdrop for numerous congregational activities and worship services. Additionally many non-members enjoy use of GPC’s facilities on a weekly basis!

GPC’s building and grounds provide a welcoming environment for our guests and foster an environment that enables all who enter to work in ministry, missions and more at GPC.

GPC’s ongoing education programming includes all activities within the Adult, Children and Youth Ministries. This also includes Sunday school classes and Wednesday night programming for all ages . In addition, this makes programs like Presbyterian Women and Men’s Breakfast possible. Through our diverse offering of educational opportunities members and guests become better equipped followers of Christ.
Administration includes programming cost – such as office and communication supplies.
The purpose of Germantown Presbyterian Church is to worship and serve God. The worship and music of GPC are foundational to this goal. As we respond in worship to God’s love and redemptive action in Jesus Christ, members and guests alike are transformed and renewed by God’s Holy Spirit. Read more about music here or worship here.
GPC’s mission support provides the perfect opportunity to love thy neighbors, both locally and globally. As Christians we are compelled to help those in need. GPC is involved in a variety of local and global missions. Below are a few missions, you can read even more here.

Church Health Center

First Presbyterian Soup Kitchen of Memphis, TN

Habitat for Humanity


•Memphis Family Shelter

Neighborhood Christian Centers

•Oak Forest Elementary School

•Perea Preschool

The Outreach Foundation of the Presbyterian Church

Samaritan Counseling Center


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Germantown Presbyterian Church is excited about what it offers to the Mid-South community and the church while serving Christ.