Hey, this Sunday is Commitment Sunday

Luke 12:48: …”to whom much has been given….”

It’s exciting to think about this Sunday. God gives us so much during the year, we have set aside this special time to pledge how much we give back. Maybe it’s like a kind of divine Father’s Day, but instead of funny cards and collect calls, we offer back to Him a portion of what He’s given us. A way to honor and celebrate our relationship with Him as holy heirs to the kingdom through Christ.

We give to God all year in different ways – we donate items to Project Outreach; we take food and we pray with the students at Binghampton Christian School; we help tutor students in reading and math at Oak Forest Elementary; we have a prayer team that prays throughout the year for their teachers and administrators; we donate items and our time volunteering with Room in the Inn to give the homeless a safe place to sleep at night; we go on mission trips in Mexico to help build fresh water cisterns; we go on mission trips to Ghana to develop a relationship there and find out how we can come alongside them and support their existing ministries, especially to women; we serve food at the Presbyterian Soup Kitchen.

We even have a Christmas Eve offering coming up where we commit to match our Christmas gift spending with our gift to the church, and we use that money to support some of our mission partners.

Making a 2020 pledge is something we can do consistently – week in and week out – regardless of wherever else we may choose to serve. It makes sense, too, that this time is so close to Thanksgiving where we give God thanks for other things as well.

We can make the decision to join with the rest of our church family and commit our resources thankfully to God for 2020. By doing so we thank God for the much He has given us….