Hey, you know what’s almost here? The GPC Fall Fest. That’s what!

GPC is bringing back the Fall Fest on a bigger and better scale than ever!

Thanks to the new construction, every part of the first floor of GPC will be used. The AC Lobby will house the Welcome Station, so be sure to check in there first so you start out with your GPC goodie bag and schedule of events.

From there you might want to move into the AC itself where you’ll find a bouncy house, a large inflatable obstacle course, ladderball, a life-size Jenga game (it’s much harder than the tabletop version, trust me, but also much more fun when it comes crashing down), face painting (not just for children any more, folks!). And much more.

Then, you’ll make your way to the Welcome Center where you’ll find some simple games and craft tables for all ages. Fortunately you have a great swag bag to put all your goodies, prizes, and crafts in!

Next up, Warren Fellowship Hall. On the way, make sure you stop at the photo area to take pics. (Be sure to post it on Facebook and Instagram #GPCFallFest, and email your pics to [email protected] so we can put them in the newsletter.)

Check the schedule of events and make sure you come to at least one (or all) of the scheduled cake walks in Warren Hall! And, yes, real cakes are at stake here. In fact, if you want to volunteer to do any of the cake-baking, contact Brooke Duke at [email protected] We are hoping to have between 20-30 cakes/desserts donated.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you can build your own ice cream sundae at the crazy delicious ice cream sundae bar. Take as much as you want; no one will judge, we promise.

Once you’ve made it to Warren Hall, you can participate in, or watch and cheer for, the Costume Parade!

Also make plans to stay for the fabulous magic show at 5pm featuring GPC’s own Jeff Day. This will be such a special treat that you really won’t want to miss it. Bring your sharpest eagle eyes, but you still won’t be able to see how he does it. Honestly.

By now, you’re saying, “Wait! That’s way too much to do in only two hours.” Maybe. Just be sure to wear your comfy shoes. Or, you may decide you just want to find somewhere to sit and get comfortable and visit with friends while people watching. Whatever your inclination, you’ll find something to love here.

“What else,” you wonder? “What else could possibly make this Fall Fest more awesome?”

Here’s the thing. Unlike the years before, this year, the public (your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, that relative that you haven’t spoken to in years that you’re
dying to share a sundae with) is invited. Watch for free-pass tickets for you to pick up at church and hand out.

Wouldn’t disciples invite others to join the family of Christ? Well, this is a perfect opportunity.

If you have any questions or want to help decorate or help with activities on the day or or even bake a cake for the cakewalk, contact Brooke Duke at [email protected]