What’s Coming Up

As followers of Jesus Christ, we know that we are called into community – that is, to come together as the body of Christ for worship, study, and fellowship. The Congregational Life Committee strives to create new and fun ways for us to celebrate life together. The Covid-19 global pandemic of 2020, however, tried to put a damper on our fun. Tried, being the operative word, for the Congregational Life Committee found new ways to be safely together in 2020.

Outdoor Music Events – in concert with Dr. Jerold Teachey and Dr. Alex Benford (pun intended!), these events were created and then held on the east parking lot of the church grounds in August, September, and October. For each one, parishioners and friends brought their lawn chairs and picnic suppers to enjoy while listening to various musical offerings.

As the coronavirus vaccines have become more readily available and the pandemic begins to subside, Congregational Life plans to bring back much-loved activities such as GPC’s  potluck fellowship brunches and lunches, the Fall Fest, Christmas Caroling, and Chili Cook-off. We are very hopeful in 2021!