Friends in Christ, a vibrant home visitation ministry of the Congregational Care Committee, went dormant during the 2020-2022 Covid-19 global pandemic. Now, Pastor Susie is bringing it back to life … and you can be a part of it!


Two ways to participate …
1. If you would like to have a Friend in Christ – that one person who will come to see you each month and keep in touch with you throughout the year.
2. If you would like to become a Friend in Christ – someone who does the visiting to another parishioner.


If you are interested in participating, email us at

Here’s how it works: Volunteers, called “Visitors” visit Germantown Presbyterian’s eldest parishioners – mostly those who are unable to attend worship – on a monthly basis. The purpose of Friends in Christ is for everyone, no matter one’s age or ability to come to worship, to know they are loved and connected to their church family – and for us to connected and in relationship with each one of them. These relationships are nurtured by home visits, telephone calls, cards, and emails.

Since its inception in February 2018, we’ve witnessed both the necessity and the beauty of the Friends in Christ Ministry. It is greatly benefiting our family of faith and helping us to care for each other, no matter our age or circumstance … all in the name of Christ Jesus … and it is time to nurture it back to life!


The watercolor of the shepherd and his flock was painted by Mary Strop (1936-2022). Gifted by Rodney Strop for the post-pandemic relaunching of the Friends in Christ Ministry.