A final rest that gives your family peace

In February 2011, the Session of Germantown Presbyterian Church formed the Germantown Presbyterian Church Memorial Garden Association to establish a memorial garden with columbarium on our church campus for the purpose of interring the cremains of members, their families and others as approved by the Memorial Garden Association. The Association is responsible for administration of the garden.

The Memorial Garden, located in the courtyard between the sanctuary and Evans Chapel, was dedicated on Sunday, March 30, 2014.

There are 95 wall niches and 30 above-ground niches as well as a memorial tablet for members who wish to memorialize family members interred elsewhere. The Garden is designed to accommodate expansion of both wall and above-ground niches.

For further Information, contact any Memorial Garden Association members:
Charles Fahrenkopf
Jeff Halter
Melinda Russell

You may also contact: Dr. Will Jones, Senior Pastor

For information contacting anyone on this list, please call the church office at 901-754-5195 or email here.