Students! Join the Student Ministry for any of these events.

Sunday School

GPC Student Ministry focuses on planning to deliver messages to students that are what we think they need to hear most. Starting in the sixth grade and continuing through graduation, a student will never hear a repeated message as they are all laid out ahead of time. Whether that is tackling the importance of discipleship or our personal image of ourselves, students will hear and discuss a topic relevant to a teen developing in their faith.

Youth Group

Youth Group is our main platform for student ministry; it all occurs on Sunday nights at 6:00pm in the Middle School and High School rooms. Pickup is from 7:45 to 8:00pm. Upon arrival, students can eat dinner, socialize with others, and play unstructured games. The program consists of engaging games to loosen up the crowd, a biblically based, fun, age-appropriate talk, and period of discussion with their peers. We strive to keep Jesus the center of every discussion and aim to be a safe place where any student is welcome regardless of what chapter of life, they’re in. Youth Group creates a safe space for students to work out their faith in community with one another and adults who equip them.

For both Sunday School and Youth Group, we divide students into appropriate age groups. Middle Schoolers are led in topics and discussions unique to their season of life while High Schoolers are led in a message aged to their experience.


FastForward is a once per month, high-energy, action-packed, always fun event dedicated to help 4th through 6th graders build lifelong friendships & encourage them to dive deeper in their faith.

Students play games, eat dinner, and hear a curated message, all for them & other preteens.

Meeting Dates/Theme
October 6/Night at the Museum
November 3/Decades “Throw Back”
December 1/Christmas Theme
January 5/Tropical Winter
February 16-18/CIY Retreat in Franklin, TN
March 1/Neon/Glow “slime”
April 5/Favorite TV Character
May 3/FastForward Finale!!