Rev. Amanda Mackey, Associate Pastor for Youth


Rev. Amanda Mackey holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Simpson College and a Master of Divinity degree from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. While at Austin, she completed courses at McCormick Theological Seminary and Princeton Theological Seminary. She studied the history of Protestant Churches in Scotland and had the privilege of being Rev. Dr. Cynthia Rigby’s research assistant during her time in seminary.

Amanda brings a diverse theological background to her ministry, having spent time in Presbyterian (USA), United Methodist, and Nazarene congregations. She is happy to be a member of the PC(USA) and is eager to faithfully serve the denomination. She has worked in various churches as a volunteer in children’s ministry and has served two congregations as the director of youth ministry. For two summers she served as a small group leader at Montreat Youth Conference. While in seminary, Amanda gained preaching experience at Caldwell Presbyterian Church, leading worship several times a month. She served as the seminary intern in Tarboro, North Carolina at Howard Memorial Presbyterian Church.

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