Sunday Morning Groups

Get plugged in
to fellowship in the Word

On Sunday mornings, adults at GPC have many worship and Bible study options. Worship begins for online streaming and limited onsite gathering at 9:30am.

Following the worship service, various opportunities are offered for fellowship, Bible Study, and prayer. This is our bread and butter. Take a look at the groups currently meeting both online (via Zoom) and limited onsite and what they’re studying and come join us on a Sunday morning! We know that jumping into a new group can be intimidating too, so contact the office ([email protected]) to get plugged in.

2020 Fall Classes, directly following livestream worship (check with individual classes re: their start times as there may be a slight variation)

Psalm 78
Coordinators: Stacy Weiss & Kevin Floyd
Room: UL215 (2nd level) MWXSA

Psalm 78 class is a group of parents with mostly school-aged children who meet for weekly study and fellowship. We hope you will join us.

Following their recent study of Judaism they are now studying the book of Hebrews. You can purchase your copy of that book here.

Email Stacy Weiss here or Kevin Floyd here for more info.

Hits of the Ages
Coordinators: Liz & Alan Callicott
Room: UL218 (2nd level) MWXSA

The Hits of the Ages Sunday School class membership spans a range of ages from the 50s to the 80s. We’re a Sunday school class, but we’ve also become a group of friends who look forward to our Sunday mornings together! There is always room for more.

We cycle through Bible studies from the Old Testament to a Gospel to the New Testament. We take turns leading the lesson each Sunday, but leading is not required to be part of the class.

This group is studying the book of Romans from the John Stott Bible Study Series. If you’d like to buy the book, click here.

We would love to welcome new members! Email Liz Callicott here or Alan Callicott here for more info.

Key: M (male). F (female). X (married),
S (single), A (all ages)

Coordinators: Randy Harris
& Lanny Oakes
Room: UL216 (2nd level) MWXSA

The Seekers class spans a range of ages and always welcomes new members. Members of the class take turns facilitating each lesson, but facilitating is not a requirement of this class.

We are using the book The Twelve Disciples by Douglas Connelly, part of the “Lifeguide Bible Studies” series. The book can be ordered in paper or Kindle here.

The book contains 10 units called studies consisting of an introduction, Bible passage, and discussion questions.

Each of the 10 studies will be led by a different facilitator, so please consider serving as a facilitator for one or more of our 10 studies.

Toward the end of each week you will receive an email instructing you how to join the Zoom meeting.

For more info, you can email Randy Harris here or Lanny Oakes here.

Key: M (male). F (female). X (married), S (single), A (all ages)