To Whom Much Has Been Given…

In Luke 12:48, Jesus reminds His disciples and the rest of us how we’re supposed to use the resources He give us.

Commitment Sunday is almost upon us! Sunday, November 24, you (along with your family or by yourself) have the opportunity to contribute to GPC’s mission and ministries in 2020.

When you make a commitment on Sunday, November 24, you will have a chance to do several things:

  1. Participate in the life and work of GPC as we practice being the hands and feet of Jesus;
  2. Realize what a perfect response it is to God’s Word to commit resources back to God;
  3. Set your tone for Advent and Christmas by getting into the giving spirit early.

Some of the pictures in this post show the different aspects of the life of GPC. Your commitment gives us resources to do all this and more! Thank you so much for planning how you’ll participate in this exciting time.