Germantown Presbyterian Church welcomes you.

Germantown Presbyterian Church was founded on March 24, 1838. In 1851, the first building, Evans Chapel, was established. This plain but beautiful, historic clapboard structure served as the congregation’s only house of worship for 136 years, surviving the ravages of war and yellow fever as the oldest public building in Germantown.

As Germantown and other communities surrounding Memphis, Tennessee grew, so did Germantown Presbyterian Church. In 1951, the original building was moved a few yards and turned to face east. In 1987, a new sanctuary was constructed in a colonial design, and in 1996, the south building, housing the Germantown Presbyterian Preschool, an Activity Center, and classrooms was added.

But most importantly, it was the congregation that grew with new mission, ministry, and fellowship programming. Though buildings and facilities are important, they are merely a backdrop for the activities within. Germantown Presbyterian is a busy congregation, striving to grow its personal relationship with God and to serve the cause of Christ within the community and abroad.

Germantown Presbyterian Church worships through scripture, prayer, music, and fellowship. Christian education is vital to children, youth, adults, and special needs individuals of all ages. Church groups, small and large, build faith and relationships within the congregation. Through ministry outreach, God’s work is done in Germantown, Memphis and around the world. Opportunities are provided to translate faith into action, from the governing Session and Diaconate to church committees and programs that offer volunteer and learning opportunities for every member of the congregation.